About Us


Founded in May 2009 by Chris Larsen (Chief Executive Officer) and Brendan Carpenter (Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO), Ironbark Asset Management (‘Ironbark’) is an provider of best-in-class asset management solutions.

Ironbark seeks to build investment solutions that are relevant and meet the needs of its distributors and investors. To achieve this, Ironbark invests in quality people to deliver the highest service standards.

Through our strategic partnerships with international and Australian fund managers, we provide investment solutions across a diverse range of asset classes including Australian and international securities, alternative investments, domestic and global property securities, fixed income and global infrastructure securities.


Established in 2009

by Chris Larsen and Brendan Carpenter


29 talented investment professionals

based in Sydney and Melbourne


Over $5bn of assets managed

on behalf of retail and wholesale clients


Over 20 Funds

available through Ironbark


Strategic partnerships with 9 managers

based across the globe

Source: Ironbark, as at 30 June 2017