12 July 2019

Zenith’s ‘Recommended’ Rating for Ironbark GCM Global Macro Fund

Ironbark Asset Management (‘Ironbark’) is delighted to announce that Zenith has awarded the Ironbark GCM Global Macro Fund ARSN 089 896 837 (‘the Fund’) a ‘Recommended’ rating in May 2019. Zenith has commended the Fund’s systematic process as being “highly intuitive” and have supported the Fund’s ability to capture a range of market inefficiencies based on a four-pillar-strategy that delivers structural diversification whilst generating positive returns through a range of market conditions.

“We are acutely aware of the challenges investors face in their Alternatives portfolios and how there has been client disappointment in the asset class, with limited quality retail options available. In partnership with GCM Ironbark was determined to bring an exceptional and differentiated capability to this asset class which has consistently achieved its objectives.”- Alex Donald, Head of Distribution at Ironbark states.

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