24 January 2019

Product Update | Ironbark Global Diversified Alternatives Fund

Change of Investment Manager

Ironbark intends to appoint Graham Capital Management as the underlying manager of the Ironbark Global Diversified Alternatives Fund (‘Fund’) on or around 1 April 2019. The Fund will be renamed as the Ironbark GCM Global Macro Fund at this time.

Why Graham Capital Management?

At Ironbark we strongly believe that Australian investors should have access to robust daily liquid alternative strategies, particularly in light of the current market environment. Our decision to appoint Graham Capital Management is a reflection of our commitment to ensure that our investment managers continue to meet the needs of current investors.

Following a thorough investment manager selection process, Graham was selected as the most appropriate manager as we believe:
• The investment team is well placed to meet the Fund’s investment objectives and deliver strong results over medium and long-term time periods
• The strategy has exhibited a strong track record of delivering returns that are lowly correlated to both debt and equities over difficult market environments consistently
• The investment approach is highly rated by local and global asset consultants

We are delighted to be working with Graham as the investment manager of the Fund and extend this unique investment approach to investors, whilst preserving the Fund’s asset class exposure and broader investment objective.

If you have any questions in respect to any of the information above, please contact the Ironbark Client Services team on 1800 034 402.
A new Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) and Application Form for the Fund will be available on the Ironbark website, www.ironbarkam.com, once the change has been implemented on or around 1st April 2019.

Yours sincerely,
Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited

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