Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund (W)

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Conservatively managed approach

The Maple-Brown Abbott Australian Share Fund is an actively managed Australian share portfolio that aims to deliver long-term capital growth.

The fund offers the potential to receive quarterly distributions and tax effective income through access to franked dividends.

The Fund aims to outperform (before fees) the S&P 200 Index (Total Returns) over rolling four-year periods.

Why Invest?
  • Exhibits a long term track record with a proven value investment philosophy
  • Managed by an investment team with deep and shared investment experience
  • A conservatively managed approach designed to assist in managing the volatility of investment returns
  • Tax effectiveness through both low turnover and franking

Fund Information

Asset Class

Australian Equities

Responsible Entity

Maple-Brown Abbott Limited




087 294 504


S&P/ASX 200 Index (Total Returns)

Suggested Investment Period

4+ Years

Fund Inception Date

30 June 1998

Number of Stocks

At least 30 stocks

Income Distribution



+0.21% / -0.21%

Important Information

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