Ironbark LHP Global Long/Short Fund (R)

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A compelling solution for investors looking to access long/short strategies, gain alternative exposure and diversify away from traditional asset class returns

The Ironbark LHP Global Long/Short Fund aims to achieve consistent absolute returns by gaining exposure to a diversified selection of equity long/short absolute return fund managers from across the globe.

Investment Strategy
  • The Ironbark LHP Global Long/Short Fund’s strategy is to access to an actively managed diversified portfolio of specialist international equity long/short absolute return funds.
  • The Fund’s investment exposure is through the Lighthouse Global Long/Short Fund Limited (‘Lighthouse Fund’), managed by Lighthouse Investment Partners LLC.
  • Each underlying investment manager of the Lighthouse Fund is selected with the intention of creating a pool of investments which blend together to create a balanced portfolio designed to achieve the Fund’s investment objectives.

The Fund firstly invests to achieve absolute returns with a low probability of loss over the investment horizon (3-5 years).

Fund Information

Asset Class


Responsible Entity

Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited




093 497 600


Benchmark Unaware

Suggested Investment Period

3 – 5 years

Fund Inception Date

31 March 2001

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