Ironbark Karara Market Neutral Fund

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The Ironbark Karara Market Neutral Fund aims to provide investors uncorrelated returns from Australian equities with a lower volatility than wider equity markets. The Fund aims to provide investors with a market neutral exposure that seeks to exploit returns from ASX listed securities.

Why invest?
  • Suitable for investors looking for a more risk adjusted exposure to Australian equities
  • Provides an attractive portfolio diversifier which is designed to be lowly correlated to the returns of other asset classes
  • Seeks to preserve capital during market downfalls
  • Targeted volatility of approximately half the Australian equity market (4-8%)

Fund Information

Asset Class


Responsible Entity

Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Ltd




613 586 931


RBA Cash Rate

Suggested Investment Period

Min. 5 Years

Fund Inception Date

1 August 2016

Distribution Frequency (If any)

Semi Annually