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A defensive, global portfolio solution

Global REITs demonstrate defensive characteristics and provide investors stable income by accessing high quality diversified property pools.

The Ironbark Global Property Securities Fund aims to outperform its benchmark* over three year rolling periods, on a net of fees basis. The investment team seek to maximise risk-adjusted returns by identifying by property trusts and property related companies from around the globe (the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia) that are priced inefficiently.

Why Invest?

The Fund’s investment approach focuses on active stock selection through the on-the-ground research of local investment teams, along with a top-down overlay of strategic allocation and risk management. The importance of underlying real estate fundamentals is stressed throughout the selection, valuing and portfolio construction stages of the investment process.


The Fund offers investors:

  • Low correlation to other asset classes such as equities and bonds, therefore reducing the portfolio’s overall risk
  • Exposure to a geographically diversified portfolio of high quality commercial, retail and residential property
  • True real estate exposure with the benefit of liquidity
  • Access to an actively managed portfolio with the added benefit of local specialists who understand regional dynamics

*FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index Hedged AUD

Fund Information

Asset Class

Property Securities

Responsible Entity

Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited




110 908 506


FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index (hedged to $A, total return, net of withholding tax)

Suggested Investment Period

5 - 7 years

Fund Inception Date

20 October 2004

Number of Stocks

70 - 120

Income Distribution



+0.30% / -0.30%

Important Information

Please see the Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) for further details. Although the above information is taken from sources believed to be accurate, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness or availability. Pricing: For daily priced funds, unit prices are calculated each business day based upon the net value of each fund divided by the number of units on issue in each fund. Unit prices may be delayed following the end of a distribution period or for other reasons. The Buy/Sell spread is applied to increase the purchase unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the purchase of assets in the fund and to reduce the redemption unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the sale of assets in the fund.