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Fundamental market shifts and rapid macro-economic growth in Asia has created significant opportunities for skilled investment managers

The Ironbark Gavekal Asian Opportunities Fund is designed to capture the long term returns of Asian equity markets while constraining volatility through tactical asset allocation in Asian bonds, equities and cash.

Investment Strategy
  • Gavekal believes that fundamental market shifts, coupled with the rapid macro-economic growth in Asia, present significant opportunities for skilled fund managers.
  • Since the Asian monetary crisis of the late 1990s, returns on invested capital have typically become more of a focus for the management of Asian companies.
  • In addition, since that time, the dependence of the value of Asian bonds, equities and currencies on global market events has reduced, thereby underlining Asia’s transformation into a more developed market, less reliant on foreign capital to finance its growth.

Fund Information

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Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited




143 533 466


MSCI All Country Asia-Pacific Index AUD (unhedged)

Suggested Investment Period

At least 5 years

Fund Inception Date

12 October 2010

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