21 June 2018

Proposed Constitution Amendments – Attribution Managed Investment Trust Regime

For the full document, please access it here:
Attachment A – IBFS – Unitholder Notice

This notice informs investors in the managed investment schemes listed below (Funds) of which Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited (Ironbark) ABN 63 116 232 154 AFSL 298626 acts as Responsible Entity that:
– Subject to eligibility, Ironbark has decided to opt-in to the AMIT Regime from 1 July 2017; and
– Ironbark will amend the Constitutions of the Funds to facilitate their operation under the AMIT regime.
Ironbark would generally need to hold an investors’ meeting in order to make any material change to the Constitution. Given that this change will affect a large number of managed investment schemes, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has granted relief for holding such a meeting, providing notice is given to investors to explain the changes. This relief is granted under ASIC Corporations (Attribution Managed Investment Trusts) Instrument 2016/489.

List of Impacted Funds:
Fund: Ironbark Royal London Concentrated Global Share Fund
ARSN: 090 379 105

Fund: Ironbark Denning Pryce Global Tailored Income Fund
ARSN: 136 845 148

Fund: Ironbark Paladin Property Securities Fund
ARSN: 087 897 667

Fund: Ironbark Copper Rock Global All Cap Share Fund
ARSN: 122 000 524

Fund: Ironbark Copper Rock Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund
ARSN: 124 220 202

Fund: AMS Balanced Fund
ARSN: 169 105 293

Fund: AMS Moderately Conservative Fund
ARSN: 169 105 319

Fund: Ironbark Karara Australian Share Fund
ARSN: 114 291 299

Fund: Ironbark Karara Australian Small Companies Fund
ARSN: 114 291 486

Fund: Ironbark Gavekal Asian Opportunities Fund
ARSN: 143 533 466

Fund: Ironbark LHP Diversified Investments Fund
ARSN: 093 497 468

Fund: Ironbark LHP Global Long/Short Fund
ARSN: 093 497 600

Fund: Ironbark Global (Ex-Australia) Property Securities Fund
ARSN: 110 908 793

Fund: Ironbark Global Property Securities Fund
ARSN: 110 908 506

Fund: Omega Global Corporate Bond Fund
ARSN: 141 715 862

Fund: Omega Global Listed Infrastructure Fund
ARSN: 166 961 762

Fund: Ironbark Global Diversified Alternatives Fund
ARSN: 089 896 837