15 August 2016

Product Update | Ironbark Waverton Concentrated Global Equity Fund


Ironbark has appointed Copper Rock Capital Partners (‘Copper Rock’) as the underlying manager of the Ironbark Waverton Concentrated Global Equity Fund (the ‘Fund’). The Fund will be renamed as the Ironbark Copper Rock Global All Cap Share Fund and will continue to seek long-term global equity returns through an active, unconstrained and research-driven approach.

As part of the change in investment manager, the Waverton Concentrated Global Share strategy will remain available for investment through a separate fund option.

How will the Fund be managed?

The Ironbark Copper Rock Global All Cap Share Fund seeks to outperform the benchmark over a full market cycle. The Fund provides investors with exposure to companies based around the globe that are underpinned by strong growth prospects, proven management and sound fundamentals. The investment team invests in a diversified set of 70-80 companies covering all market caps, sectors and regions.  Senior Portfolio Managers – Stephen Dexter, Denise Selden and David Shea have a long-standing history of working together and share a total of over 85 years’ investment experience in global equities investing.


We are delighted to appoint Copper Rock as the investment manager of the Fund whilst continuing to offer the Waverton strategy as a complementary, yet differentiated investment solution for our clients.

If you have any questions with regards to any of the information in this document, please contact Ironbark Client Services Team on 1800 034 402. We also suggest that you refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) which is available on the Ironbark website at www.ironbarkam.com.

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Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited


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