Ironbark Denning Pryce Global Tailored Income Fund

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The Ironbark Denning Pryce Global Tailored Income Fund provides investors exposure to a global equity fund offering targeted returns, absolute return characteristics and regular income distribution.

The Fund aims to provide income distributions of 4%-6% per annum with a lower volatility than broader equity markets.

Why Invest?
  • Investors requiring an approach that delivers capital appreciation and income have limited investment options to achieve these options
  • Risk-driven investment approach
  • Designed to achieve consistent investment outcomes with lower volatility and drawdown management
  • Sources of return and income differ from traditional global equity funds

Fund Information

Asset Class

Global Equities

Responsible Entity

Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited




MSCI World Net Total Return Local Index

Suggested Investment Period

5-7 Years

Fund Inception Date

25 July 2011

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