Ironbark Denning Pryce Australian Tailored Income Fund

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We wish to notify you that the Investment Manager Denning Pryce has made the decision to exit the managed funds business at the end of this financial year 2019. 

From today, these funds will no longer accept new or additional applications. We anticipate that the Ironbark Denning Pryce Australian Tailored Income Fund will close on or by 31 July 2019. 


The Ironbark Denning Pryce Australian Tailored Income Fund provides investors exposure to an Australian equity fund offering targeted returns, absolute return characteristics and regular income distribution.

The Fund aims to provide income distributions of 4%-6% per annum with a lower volatility than broader equity markets.

Why Invest?
  • Investors requiring an approach that delivers capital appreciation and income have limited investment options to achieve these options
  • Risk-driven investment approach
  • Designed to achieve consistent investment outcomes with lower volatility and drawdown management
  • Sources of return and income differ from traditional Australian equity funds

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Fund Information

Asset Class

Australian Equities

Responsible Entity

Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited




622 132 816


65% ASX 100 Accumulation Index and 35% Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

Suggested Investment Period

5 - 7 Years

Fund Inception Date

18 May 2006

Number of Stocks

Typically 40 - 60

Income Distribution



+0.15% / -0.15%

Important Information

Please see the Product Disclosure Statement (‘PDS’) for further details. Although the above information is taken from sources believed to be accurate, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, completeness or availability. Pricing: For daily priced funds, unit prices are calculated each business day based upon the net value of each fund divided by the number of units on issue in each fund. Unit prices may be delayed following the end of a distribution period or for other reasons. The Buy/Sell spread is applied to increase the purchase unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the purchase of assets in the fund and to reduce the redemption unit price by an allowance for the estimated costs of the sale of assets in the fund.